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Hometown Community Bank

Mission Statement

THE MISSION OF RUSHFORD STATE BANK is to provide quality financial services in the communities we serve and in so doing promote stability and economic growth. This will facilitate future bank growth, increase value to our stockholders, and maintain an attractive work environment for our employees. We intend to continue our friendly relationships with our customers. It is our stated desire to remain an independent bank with sufficient capital while keeping our operations open to future expansion.

In fulfilling this mission, goals will be pursued which:

PROVIDE OUR CUSTOMERS financial products and services competitively priced. Serving our customers’ financial needs is the most essential element in accomplishing our mission. We want to maintain our reputation as the “bank that will work with our customers.”

MEET OUR RESPONSIBILITIES to our community. We are a community bank and will contribute our resources and dedicate our leadership to help our community thrive. We will continue to ascertain the credit and other needs of our community.

ATTRACT, SELECT, TRAIN, AND RETAIN high quality personnel and provide them a climate in which they feel motivated to achieve outstanding performance and in which they can obtain a sense of personal worth, growth, achievement, security, and recognition.

PROVIDE OUR SHAREHOLDERS safety and soundness, a professional bank image, and long term growth of their investment.

In achieving our mission, we will require our bank employees, officers, and directors to embrace the following values: